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23 January 2009


meryl steinberg  (twitter meryl333)

overwhelmingdesire whynot? contextual search findme dessert restaurant resto washingtondc recommend friend .....

Wonderful point. I have often been stingy with my tags only to be frustrated when unable to find the article, photo etc. again.

Ed Vielmetti

I'll have to disagree, Jim.

There's lots of unfindable information that's terribly relevant - information (or at least data) that's available only if you know precisely how to ask for it of precisely the right human being with precisely the right words and maybe the right tone of voice or the right letterhead.

If an organization can tax your patience by making it difficult for you to figure something out, it can destroy your desire for it.

Jim Benson

Ed, I agree. Your comment shows me that I'm not making myself clear.

It would be safer to say the unfindable information is waste. But if it is totally unfindable it's irrelevant for business value.

I will craft another post to deal with this.


The old question of knowing all of the answers and none of the questions?

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