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02 February 2009



Rupe's right there with you.

Geek that he is, Rupe has passions about his collections. And he has a contingent he calls upon that share many of those passions.

Rupe's lucky that way. Extremely lucky.

And while the internet avails individuals to share in them, Rupe has found it best to interact one-on-one about the likes and dislikes. That shared discussion makes it all worth the while.

Nice post, Jim.


I hate to tell you, but your collection is worthless. Believe me, I thought I was on top of the New World when I re-acquired an original Nintendo, complete with Mario Bros. You know the one.

I thought, oh, I re-fall-in-love with my childhood sounds, the simple mission and graphics, would turn my world around.

No, I didn't get a headache, just a 'how slow was my brain' moment. Sadly, we're giving it all away, for free. Junk, I tell you. There's nothing that beats modern.

Though truth be told, if I could collect all the games in the world, they'd be online educational ones for children. But that won't be 'til after social media becomes unsound.

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