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24 March 2009


An Bui

Privacy/Transparency - I think it depends. If you've a friend who doesn't use twitter, is rarely on facebook, wouldn't said friend be less likely to share conversations? If you have a friend who consistently overshares, not just her life, but the lives of those she interacts with, wouldn't you start censoring yourself?

I've definitely had the "why I am sharing this with you? You're a blogger!" statement thrown my way. On one hand, I appreciate it because that heightens my sensitivity that this discussion is private space. On the other, I worry that I'm displaying irresponsibility/insensitivity with others' information. As such, I tend to take cues from those I interact with. I also make my privacy expectations clear up front.

Open communication regarding privacy expectations gets us most of the way there. The real challenge is in the subtle nuances.

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