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03 March 2009


Paul Chaney

Or will they Jim? Start to distrust the blogger/influencer I mean. Paul Harvey did product pitches for years and I never once thought of it as suspect.

I think the fulcrum of trust plus or minus starts with how much implied trust there is to begin with.

Regarding the larger discussion, personally, I'm not a fan of allowing advertorial content to cross into editorial. I prefer the two remain distant relatives. However, I do believe Forrester (and Chris Brogan) is right. Sponsored posts or whatever label you want to apply to them are a coming business model.

Therefore, we've got to find a way to reach a happy medium and come up with something everyone can live with. I suggested to Jeremiah that a summit be convened with all the major players at the table, those who have a vested interest. Alternatively, a workgroup be formed to do the grunt work on crafting what would amount to a code of ethics.

While I appreciate the work Forrester has done, I think we must go the next mile of the way. Theirs is not the final word.

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