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06 July 2009



Devil's advocate here, as I see a third possibility for Peter: what does he do when he sits down with his staff to brainstorm, and instead of choosing his idea or coming up with a better one, they 'co-create' some different idea that Peter thinks is inferior to his own?

Does he back up his team, even if he thinks their idea is not a good one, or does he veto their idea and press his own idea forward? He ends up back in #1 in the latter case, I would think, and maybe even worse off than that since he just shot down the team's own idea.

So what do you think Peter does when his own idea is shot down, but thinks the idea his team chooses is poor?

Jim Benson


Peter would need to know his own team though. Do they become entrenched? Do they hate him? Do they frequently come up with crazy ideas?

If so, then this might not work so well.

Even if not, the new idea may be less fantastic than his. Co-creation is a strategy, and like all strategies there are many ways things could go wrong.

Peter's gotta do some risk assessment up front.

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