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13 July 2009



Just like you have said in your reference to the nintendo ds above, I have already begun to train my brain in this matter.
This weekend while away I began to think about all the tasks ahead of me this week and how I wanted the kanban to work for me.
Is it wrong that I was somewhat giddy thinking about my whiteboard and how I wanted it to be set up to achieve the most productivity for myself.
I have decided that I am going to do 2 whiteboards, one in my office for all work related tasks and one in my kitchen for all domestic/child related tasks that I need to get done.
I am excited to read more in this series and to see the kanban in effect for myself.
I am wondering if a virtual kanban could be set up (something similar to the collaborations that go on with my documents) so that all the people I am collaborating with on my projects could have access to it??
Thank you for bringing this series to life for me it has been most informative.

Jay Fienberg

Really enjoying this series, Jim. Definitely interesting to think about this in terms of personal kanban --and, for us as a small company that does custom work, a lot of our work ends up needing a "personal kanban" approach, as opposed to a more industrial one.

Jim Benson

Thanks guys,

I'm very excited by the reactions to this series. Twitter and facebook and other blogs are all discussing it. It seems that personal kanban is an idea people were waiting for.

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