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13 August 2009



Newest Kanban use for me: using it with my sister all the way on the other side of the United States for some personal research we are doing.

Jim Benson

When you and your sister are doing work in that project - watch for opportunities for the kanban cards to capture value. Let them communicate as much as possible while you and your sister do your important work. The cards themselves can communicate more than done or not done.

You can also build your workflow to hold things in a state that has more meaning. Such as: you can have a flow like this:

Backlog | Investigating | Further Investigation | Investigating 2 | Selected | Done

So things you are initially investigating are pulled from the backlog, then you or she researches them quickly. If something is just not going to work - note why on the kanban card itself and move it to done. If something might work - move it to further investigation and discuss it with your sister. Then you or she can investigate it more deeply in "Investigating 2".

Your goal in a situation like this is to go through as many options as you can quickly. Both you and she are filters for each other. Unhelpful ideas are quickly discarded. Potential good ideas can then be discussed and researched further.

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