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15 December 2009



This is a great post.

I have learned this point very quickly working w/ my boss when we collaborate on documents particularly before they go out to clients. I used to say to her "I'm done take a look at it", then she would come in and "fix" everything, & make suggestions for me.
I have learned to no longer say I'm done but instead I say "your turn" and in turn when she is done she will say the same back to me. We go back in forth in this manner until we get exactly what we want.
Then that process goes on to the client in the same manner. We send many 'proofs' to the clients before the final product is created because no matter how many conversations you have with your client sometimes ideas don't translate the way either you want them to or the client wants them to. Especially when you are talking about the creative process.

This has worked well for us as a collaborating team and in turn made us much more efficient & productive.

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