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19 January 2010



Interesting tool-box

Google Docs now supports any format. It's a matter of check-box to indicate whether the file to be uploaded should be converted to GoogleDoc format or not.


Jim Benson


That is very cool and is useful, but it doesn't sync. The strength of GoogleDocs is its seamless peer-to-peer collaboration. It's not a file storage device.

A product like Dropbox auto syncs with files on my laptop (or other computers or colleagues computers) _and_ keeps them in a place where I can use them immediately.

Having to download them, use them, and then upload them creates extra steps - which creates extra potential points of failure in working with the assets.

Sharing a folder in Dropbox with a team is the closest thing I've found to the Pre-Microsoftdefiled Groove - which to this day remains the most elegant peer-to-peer desktop based collaborative app I have ever seen.

As I said, I love GoogleDocs and my ability to work with people has increased by a power curve - both in terms of productivity and effectiveness. Please, I beg of you, don't turn it into Sharepoint by making it a file sharing system.

If you want to do that ... have Google buy Dropbox and integrate it. An integrated GoogleDoc and Dropbox would allow us to co-manage documents created in GoogleDocs and formatted for publication in something else.



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