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23 February 2010



Hi Jim, just found your blog today via various people I follow (one of those social media zen things). I haven't yet checked into your Personal Kanban link but I'm interested so I watched your video. This looks very cool!

I may have missed this important explanation in the video but I'm hoping you'll forgive the "stupid" question - where you have "Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3" listed across the top of the lists, would those relate to major projects or clients that you have on the go at a particular time? Or say, "Work" "Family" and "Personal" columns?

Jim Benson

Hi Sue,

The priorities are merely priorities... buckets of importance. You can note different projects or work types by using different color stickies or shapes or even separate Personal Kanban instances for each project.

But the priorities themselves can hold any kind of task.


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